Solutions specialists for SMART BUILDINGS

GIGAMEDIA provides a full range of innovative solutions for installers, integrators and engineering departments, dedicated to the distribution of wiring systems, IT and telecommunications networks.

GIGAMEDIA has a team of global specialists who strive to provide the best solutions to the market and provide the best value for your investment. For more than 20 years, their skills have been at your service to build high-performance solutions.

In Australia the solutions offered by GIGAMEDIA are key elements of smart building infrastructures with the following product ranges:

Manufactured in our workshops by skilled operators using the latest equipment and in compliance with international standards, GIGAMEDIA products are tested at each stage of production to ensure steady high quality.

Our brand

GIGAMEDIA is a French brand created in 1996 by CONECTIS a Rexel Group company.

GIGAMEDIA has become the leading distributor throughout France of wiring systems and has been rapidly establishing throughout Europe and now the Pacific.

Gigamedia products are available throughout all Rexel, JR Turks, Lear & Smith and Ideal Branches in Australia

A network of wiring systems specialists provides the support for the branch network in helping to validate your network infrastructure.


Technological developments are forcing companies to be highly reactive and overcome increasingly complex challenges both in terms of connectivity, communications networks or security.

To achieve this, companies need partners who understand their needs and are able to provide them customized solutions based on the best products combined with technical advice and related services.

By choosing GIGAMEDIA for the realization of your projects, you have the assurance of innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Manufactured in modern factories equipped with the latest equipment, by qualified operators and in compliance with international standards.

GIGAMEDIA products are tested at each stage of production to ensure a consistently high level of quality.



To design high quality products
that meet your needs


To provide you with the documentation needed : data sheets, tests reports, handbooks


To help you save time
with 98% of the products
available in stock


To ensure you an optimal
follow-up of your orders
thanks to a dedicated contact
from the Rexel network


To battle-test
every piece of technology
in-house on our own products


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More than 140 Branches across Australia

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More than
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